About Our Ministries

Dr. David G. Roebuck

Last night I had the privilege of being introduced to the Church of God Administrative Bishops who are in town for a State/Regional Overseers Conference. All of the various ministries of the Church of God International Offices were reviewed, and our liaison Dr. Paul Walker included both the Dixon Research Center and the Church of God Historical Commission in his presentation.

In preparation for the evening I was asked to list four or five of our ministries here at the Research Center. I boiled them down to: 1) Provides a library of Church of God and Pentecostal materials for students and scholars; 2) Preserves the archives of the Church of God; 3) Teaches Church of God and Pentecostal history and theology at Lee University and the Church of God Theological Seminary; 4) Publishes Church of God History and Heritage and other publications; 5) Prepares historical displays for general and local church events.

Each of these could be expanded to say more about our activities, but I think this is a good summary of our primary work. Because we work with a variety of publics such as students at Lee University and the Church of God Theological Seminary, other Church of God departments and agencies, as well as any scholar or visitor who walks in the door, we never know what a day will bring. Today I am working on an exhibit celebrating the last twenty years of Lee University, reviewing our financial budget for this year, and meeting with the leadership of Squires Library. Tonight Ill be teaching Church of God History and Polity at the Theological Seminary. But if today is typical, there will be some surprises before I leave for home about 9:30 this evening.

We do all of this because we know that preserving our heritage is important. If you have any interest in becoming involved in our ministry here at the Research Center, please don’t hesitate to call us.