The Church Of God Historical Commission

David G. Roebuck

One of the opportunities we have at the Research Center is to support the work of the Church of God Historical Commission. I am a member of the Commission, Janie Hand currently serves as the secretary, and the Research Center is often called upon to provide routine office services for the work of the Commission.

At our recent meeting in April, the Historical Commission discussed a number of items including ways of celebrating upcoming anniversaries such as the 125th Anniversary of the Church of God (2011). We also took the time to tour many early Church of God historical sites including the Barney Creek site in Monroe County, Tennessee, where Richard and R.G. Spurling founded the Christian Union in 1886. Although I have been to these sites many times and often lead “Heritage Tours,” I never tire of reflecting on what God did among us more than 100 years ago now.

The Mission of the Historical Commission is to preserve and perpetuate the history and heritage of the Church of God and its global Pentecostal mission. Our Statement of Purpose is: “The purpose of the Church of God Historical Commission is to promote the preservation, understanding, and appreciation of the history and heritage of the Church of God, worldwide. It shall give special attention to the collecting and preserving of historical documents and to the writing of history at all levels: the local church, the various jurisdictions, the departments and institutions of the church, and the general church. It shall also seek to produce, and to encourage the production of, historical materials (written, audio-visual, Internet) and to promote occasions for the church to remember, appreciate and celebrate its history and heritage.”

Along with other members of the Historical Commission, I would be happy to hear your thoughts about our work and how we can preserve the wonderful history and heritage of the Church of God. Members include: Paul L. Walker, Liaison; Floyd D. Carey Jr., Chairman; Christopher C. Moree; Robert D. McCall; Hoyt E. Stone; Joel Trammell; Jerry Jeter, James M. Beaty, Consultant; David G. Roebuck, Church Historian; and Charles W. Conn, Church Historian Emeritus.