Janie Hand Retires after 17 Years

Marcus, Janie, David

The Dixon Pentecostal Research Center celebrated the retirement of long-time employee Janie Hand this past December during a Christmas event with the staff of the Research Center and Squires Library.  Mrs. Hand has worked at the Pentecostal Research Center since November 1995, which gave her the longest tenure of any employee in the history of the Center.

In recognizing her contributions, Center Director Dr. David Roebuck noted that it would be impossible to adequately describe the important role that she played.  In addition to the secretarial skills her job demanded, Janie brought a wealth of knowledge about the Church of God and the men and women who serve the Pentecostal movement.  Dr. Roebuck commented, “For the work that we do, this knowledge was priceless.  Knowing so many people involved in the life of the Church of God, she frequently gave wise advice regarding the men and women with whom we interacted.”

Roebuck also highlighted the importance of Janie’s relationships with students and part-time staff through the years.  He commented, “Janie served as a sounding board, counselor, and mother to many students and staff who came to her for advice and comfort as they faced life’s everyday challenges.”

Roebuck stated, “I want to publicly say to Janie how much I appreciate her life, which has been an exemplar of dedication and devotion to her family, her church and her work.”  In remarks directed to Janie, he concluded, “In the last 17 years you have made an inestimable contribution to the work that we do in preserving our heritage and serving church leaders, students, and scholars who walk through our doors, send us email or call on the phone.  Thank you for your faithfulness, dedication, and service to the Dixon Pentecostal Research Center, to the Church of God, and to the Kingdom of God.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Posted January 2013