Revival Fires: 2008 Church of God Heritage Exhibit

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This DVD contains two short videos produced for the Heritage Exhibit at the 2008 International General Assembly of the Church of God.  The "Revival Fires" exhibit presents the compelling story of the Church of God as a revival movement through photographs, video and sound.  The exhibit was created on the centennial anniversary of what Historian Charles W. Conn called "The Great Revival" that ran for two months and brought extraordinary growth to the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1908.

"Our Revival Heritage" provides a brief overview of the revival heritage in America from the Great Awakening to the early years of the Church of God.  This video includes a powerful look at both the Shearer Schoolhouse revival in 1896 and the 1908 revival in Cleveland, Tennessee.

"Sights and Sounds of Revival" is a review of many of the photographs in the Revival Fires exhibit.  It demonstrates the continuing influence of revival in the life of the Church.