Lighting the Path: 2005 Church of God Heritage Calendar

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Children, youth and Christian discipleship have been at the heart of the Church of God from our earliest history. "Lighting the Path” is the theme of the new 2005 Church of God Heritage Calendar.

The calendar features photographs of Teen Talent, Sunday schools and other youth activities along with leaders such as M.P. and Lettie Cross, Houston R. Morehead, and Doyle Dikes. Also included are the organizational dates and significant activities of many Church of God ministries with special attention given to the International Department of Youth and Christian Education.

Our Heritage of Youth and Christian Education

Not long after A.J. Tomlinson settled in Culberson, North Carolina, in 1899, he opened a school for children in his home. Much of his ministry was providing food and clothing for children living in the mountainous region.

Speakers at the first General Assembly in 1906 highlighted the importance of both family worship and Sunday school. According to the Assembly, daily family worship was an essential component of Christian discipleship, and Sunday schools helped to elevate the morals of communities as well as instruct children in Word and worship. Further, the Assembly recognized that Sunday schools could be a vehicle to establish new churches.

Eighteen years later the Reverend Lettie Cross preached the first youth service at a General Assembly in 1924. Concerned about the “foolishness and frivolity” of youth in his day, General Overseer F.J. Lee asked Cross to preach on the topic “Should Young People Be Sober-minded?”